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Regulatory Affairs
The complete regulatory package to bring your pharmaceuticals and medical devices to the market, with a special focus on Europe (EU) and China.
Run a successful business and achieve regulatory compliancy. QbD supports you on all organisational, financial and management matters.
Audits, SOPs, training, you name it – QbD’s experienced quality managers will assist you in setting up your Quality Management System.
QbD’s RA experts for Asia will guide you through the regulatory process of pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices in China and help you to succesfully interact with Chinese authorities.
  • Pharma Management
  • Combination Products
  • Artwork and labelling
  • China Regulatory Affairs
  • Quality Assurance

Life science organisations in Austria are legally bound to have a managing director (“Gewerberechtlicher Geschäftsführer”). For companies who cannot or do not wish to do so themselves we provide a managing director with the necessary licence and long-time expertise in the production and trade of pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices.

We provide pharmaceutical companies with a qualified Information Officer to coordinate and monitor the organisation’s information management and marketing activities.

Why opt for the QbD Group?


10+ years of experience

Benefit from our team of highly qualified consultants.

Full life cycle support

Full support from pre- to the post-marketing phase.

Global presence

QbD operates globally, at QbD Austria with a special focus on Europe (EU) and China.

Customer satisfaction

Constant evaluation, transparency and clear objectives.

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