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Change Management

Change Management is the process of introducing technical or organisational change within a company in a controlled manner.
QbD’s business experts help you to introduce and efficiently mange change within your organisation.

Change Management

Change control

Document management is of vital importance especially in highly regulated environments. In the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors it is extremely important to exercise strict control over documents and processes. To this end companies must ensure that they have adequate change control systems in place. In today’s age of electronic media change control has been greatly assisted by the introduction of software solutions. Numerous commercial software solutions exist. However, companies must be able to make the right decision about which software is most appropriate for them.

Organisational changes

Change management is a structured approach to transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations. This may include both organizational change management processes as well as individual change management models. Change management within organisations may include several transformational steps.
There are several methods and models in use for change implementation including, the approach to achieve this may be directive or participative.
Change Management
  • Directive strategies to change “impose” change through formal channels of management authority with little or no involvement of other people.
  • Participative strategies on the other hand, although usually initiated by management, is based on involving people in order to win their commitment and ability to influence the change process by giving them more autonomy.
  • Unfreeze-Change-Freeze
  • PCI (People Centered Implementation)
  • ADKAR (developed by Prosci)
  • Awareness – of why the change is needed
  • Desire – to support and participate in the change
  • Knowledge – of how to change
  • Ability – to implement new skills and behaviors
  • Reinforcement – to sustain the change

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